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Being Healthy


 Warning! This club does not have another web site for selling or learning-

any sites claiming this are fraudulent!

Statistics prove unless we are paying attention to HOW we eat, WHAT we eat and IF we get adequate exercise our health will be wasting away. Statistics also verify that women are NOT safe in their own home.

     COS is about education. Life is about growth. The Womens Wellness Club is putting both of these objectives together to promote healthier, happier women.

    The nation has encouraged us all to change our habits to healthier ones. The Womens Wellness Club has formed to promote healthy lifestyle changes with knowledge and activities. Membership includes a planning journal and one workshop of information to encourage you to get healthier now. The club is developed by a licenced nurse with degrees in nursing, health, and social work. Goals and planning are encouraged when you become a member. Emotional health is also addressed and knowledge & support are promoted for self-esteem and a safer, happier life.

     Don't let life chew you up & spit you out. If your not truly paying attention to the present its possible you haven't given much attention to the past which means that the future will not be any different. Take charge of your life & your future by learning what to do today to stop the cycle of poor health issues, overweight issues and if it applies, abuse issues.




Women's Wellness Club
Visalia California-cos4women@hotmail.com